Amber Cantell

519-936-9548, Ext. 224
[email protected]

As Special Projects Advisor, Amber works to help advance systems and programs to deliver on our mission. As a long-time member of our team, she also helps to develop strategic direction & initiatives for the organization.

Prior to taking on her current role, Amber worked for five years as the Project Manager for the naturalizations and aftercare programs, completing over 100 planting projects for the organization with the help of thousands of caring and dedicated Londoners who share her passion for trees. After that, she worked for another five years as our Director of Development, leading our fundraising efforts and supervising our marketing, partnerships, and volunteer management portfolios, and for an additional year as our Director of Operations, supervising our various planting programs.

Amber holds a Masters Degree in Urban Planning and a Bachelor degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo as well as a post-graduate certificate in Ecosystem Restoration. She has previously worked for a number of other environmental organizations across the country, including the Ecology Action Centre in Halifax and Waterloo Region Green Solutions. She also served for a number of years as the Vice-Chair of the City of London’s Trees and Forests Advisory Committee.

What excites her most about working with trees is getting to transform the city she lives in for the better, and her favourite moment on any planting project is marking the boundaries of the planting area—knowing that everything inside those lines will one day be a beautiful forest!

As climate change continues to be an international, national and local issue, Amber believes moving away from the first-past-the-post electoral system will allow for effective climate action to take place in Canada.

In her free time, she enjoys encaustic painting, journal making, hiking and a whole lot of Star Trek.

Her favourite tree is Eastern Cottonwood.