Children’s Learning Resources

Part of how we can fight climate change is through education. We can educate ourselves on environmental issues and environmental solutions within our own community and beyond. ReForest London seeks to make learning accessible and informative to all ages but especially children, which is why we have developed a number of hands-on, at-home activities and have provided external resources for children to use.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela, speech, Madison Park High School, Boston, 23 June 1990

Winter Activities

Kindergarten to Grade 3Grades 4 to 8
All About Plants and SoilWeb of Life
My Tree BookWhere Does Our Wood Come From? (Part 1) Instructions and Activity Sheet
Take a Walk with NatureLearning About Photosynthesis
The LoraxWhere Does Our Wood Come From? (Part 2) Instructions and Activity Sheet
Animal BingoNot Wanted Poster
Our Local ForestsKitchen Landfill
The Dirt Under Your FeetNature’s Treasure Chest
Tree InvestigationWaste Not Want Not
Animal ClassificationThe Nature of Trees
Human and Animal InteractionPhotosynthesis Worksheet
Growth and Changes in Living ThingsFood Chains
Animal Adaptations
Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Winter Bingo

Warm-Weather Activities

Kindergarten to Grade 3Grades 4 to 8
Neighbourhood BingoCelebrating Biodiversity
Parts of a TreeAdding a Tree to Your Yard Guidebook and WorkSheets
Comparing Flowers and TreesPowerful Pollinators
Spring Colour BingoTree Investigation
Leaf MatchingBackyard Habitat Part 1
Creating Better SoilBackyard Habitat Part 2
Investigating Trees with Technology

Other Crafts and Fun Activities

Winter ActivitiesWarm-Weather Activities
Forest Animals Colouring PageRecycling Critter Craft
Tree Guardian Poster (team);
Tree Guardian Poster (girl);
Tree Guardian Poster (boy);
Tree Guardian Poster (blank)
Backyard Scavenger Hunt
Tree Word SearchButterfly Puddler
Pinecone Bird Feeder CraftSuncatcher Craft
The Lorax Colouring Sheet
Painted rock collection
Sunset Watch
Tulip Tree Colouring Sheet
Red Oak Colouring Sheet
Blue Jay Colouring Sheet
Sugar Maple Colouring Sheet
Red Maple Colouring Sheet
Northern Red Cardinal Colouring Sheet
Tree Crossword
Eastern White Pine Colouring Sheet
Butterfly Life cycle Colouring Sheet


For more information regarding educational resources for kids, please contact Rose Pfeifer at [email protected]