Community Presentations

ReForest London is happy to educate businesses on local & global environmental issues, including presentations on climate change, the benefits of trees and much more. ReForest London’s volunteer Tree Teachers can give a 30-90 minute presentation to your organization for free. There is a variety of presentations that your organization can choose from: The Value of Trees, Native Trees for Your Yard, The Emerald Ash Borer, Climate Change & Trees, and About ReForest London & London’s Million Tree Challenge.

These presentations are ideal for:

  • Lunch and learns at businesses or corporations
  • Community groups and non-profit organizations
  • Service club meetings
  • Grade 6 and up classes

The Value of Trees

Since humans have walked the earth, trees have given us two of life’s essentials: food and oxygen. The Value of Trees presentation discusses the social, environmental and economic benefits of trees, and why they are important to future generations.

Native Trees for Your Yard

Native trees are vital to the health of London’s ecosystems. Native species are easier to maintain, provide habitat for wildlife and help maintain local biodiversity. This presentation discusses the importance of planting native trees in your yard and across London.

The Emerald Ash Borer

This invasive species is extremely disruptive and harmful to London’s ash trees if not properly handled and taken care of. The Emerald Ash Borer has devastated ash trees across Southwestern Ontario and the U.S. and currently pose significant threat to about 700,000 ash trees. This presentation provides information on the invasive species itself and how you can protect your trees from it.

Climate Change & Trees

As climate change continues to have economic, social and environmental impacts, it is vital that we understand the role trees play in tackling climate change. This presentation highlights how trees store carbon dioxide, release oxygen, filtrate and clean water, and more.

About ReForest London & London’s Million Tree Challenge

How do we create a healthy urban forest in London? This presentation details the environmental work ReForest London does, who RFL is, its goals for London’s future, and its partnership in the Million Tree Challenge.

Book Your Presentation Today

For more information about our community presentations or to book a presentation for your organization, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Rose Pfeifer, at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 221

Becoming a Tree Teacher

Tree Teachers are ReForest London’s speakers. Tree Teachers visit community groups, organizations and schools to speak about native trees, the benefits of trees, ReForest London’s work, and more. To learn more about this role and how to become a Tree Teacher, please visit our volunteer page.