Forest Hikes

Nothing beats a walk in the woods! Come take a hike with our experienced staff and volunteers to learn more about London’s urban forests and the many benefits trees bring to our community. ReForest London provides a number of guided and self-guided hikes to encourage people to explore London’s environmentally significant areas (ESA) and to lead an active lifestyle.

Why You Should Hike

Hiking helps improve your cardiovascular health

It hones your balance

It is a natural stress reliever

But most importantly

Hiking and walking in nature will expose us to our natural heritage system and to species that you might not encounter elsewhere in London!

What to Expect

Hikes are typically 1.5 – 2 hours in length. ReForest London Hike Leaders and staff will guide you through one of London’s twenty-one environmentally significant areas, making sure to take a few rests along the way — as well as some pictures!

Hiking Events

We will be offering guided hikes later this fall for Londoners to come out and explore our beautiful forests and natural areas. Please check our Events page for upcoming opportunities and more details.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the information provided, please contact Rachael Jensen, at [email protected]

*Any groups that are looking for a custom hike provided by ReForest London, we welcome you to contact Rachael!