More Trees for Residential and Industrial Areas

Tree planting in the Forest City will increase in coming years thanks to a significant grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Dr. Ted Lo, a volunteer with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, announced on Saturday that through the $120,000 two-year grant, ReForest London will launch several new programs aimed at increasing tree planting and tree care in residential and industrial neighbourhoods.

The Neighbourhood Tree Captain program had trained volunteers to promote tree planting in residential neighbourhoods. Neighbourhood Tree Captains were in charge of championing tree planting in their neighbourhood, seeking new places to plant trees on private and public property and connecting their neighbours with resources to plant and care for their trees.

“It takes different tactics to plant new trees in different land use types,” said Dean Sheppard, Executive Director, ReForest London. “With Ontario Trillium Foundation’s support, these new programs will target front yards, back yards, streets and even industrial lands. It will contribute to a healthier and greener city for all of us.”

Through the grant, ReForest London will also seek tree planting partners in industrial areas. Tree planting on industrial land improves land values, reduces heating and cooling costs, and helps companies retain their workforce by providing a better workplace. Interested land owners are invited to contact ReForest London to learn about programs to plant trees.

In the fall, ReForest London will also introduce a “Lunch and Learn” educational program for companies and organizations that want to learn more about tree planting, native species, Emerald Ash Borer, and other relevant tree related subjects.

Through all these new programs, ReForest London hopes to increase tree planting and engage thousands of Londoner in tree planting and improved tree care for our existing trees.

I’m delighted that our government is providing funding to help plant more trees in residential and commercial areas here in London. This grant will help Reforest London educate people about the importance of trees, and it will help us work together to improve our environmental and human health and beautify our neighbourhoods for future generations to enjoy.

– Deb Matthews, MPP London North Centre