Volunteer Spotlight – April 2013

Name: Dan Bishop
Volunteer Since: July, 2012
Volunteered As: Tree planter, Logistical Support (transportation of equipment and trees)

Autobiography: I’m a London native, growing up in north-east London. At the age of twenty I left to go to North Bay to attend Canadore College where I took aircraft maintenance. After college I found a job working with an airline called First Air, while at First Air I worked a government contract maintaining an ice-survey plane for the Department of Environment. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work throughout the country with this position. I found myself working throughout the Arctic and the Maritime provinces with this job, even making it up to Thule Greenland at one point. After the time I spent working for First Air I returned to London and have worked for a major airline in London for seven years now. I enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports including: mountain biking, running, fishing, cross country and downhill skiing, camping and backpacking. One of my most frequent activities though, is walking my big yellow Lab that we rescued from the Humane Society.

Reflections on Volunteering: I feel it rewarding to do something to give back to the community, if everyone would donate just a fraction of their time to make their community a better place the results would speak for themselves. I enjoy several different outdoor sports, so it seemed a fit to volunteer with Reforest London to help maintain and build London’s green spaces. I’ve also volunteered for the London Humane Society, participating in Bark in the Park, and our house hold participates in the Block Parent program as well.