Volunteer Spotlight – May 2013

Name: Jessica Lompart
Volunteer Since: 2008
Volunteered As: Tree Planter, Aftercare Specialist and Tree Guru

Autobiography: My name is Jessica Lompart and I have always had a passion for the environment. I have chosen a career path in the environmental field to be able to protect the natural ecosystem around us for many years to come. I love to learn about all aspects of the environment whether that be water conservation, air pollution management, soil health, sustainable energy or forest silviculture. I never cease to be amazed by the world around us especially by the trees that are a part of our everyday lives. They are the ultimate example of a balanced combination of delicate intricacy and bold strength.

Reflections on Volunteering: Reforest London has given me the opportunity to help beautify our parks and green spaces by planting trees and later providing tree after-care to ensure their successful development and growth. Tree planting is an important initiative for me as it has a long stream of benefits such as creating wildlife habitat and greater biodiversity for a healthier environment. I was excited to attend the Tree Guru training sessions to learn more about tree identification and management which helped me to become an official Reforest London Tree Guru. I also understand the importance of invasive species removal and have had the pleasure to volunteer for City of London’s “Buckthorn Busting” as well as Friends of the Coves’ “Garlic Mustard Pull.”