Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program Wins National Award

Project type: Million Tree Challenge
Year: 2014

A big congratulations to Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program (VMPCP) for being awarded the Green for Life Community Award from the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association. The award was presented to VMPCP executive director Barry Sandler at the 11th Annual National Awards of Landscape Excellence.

The Green for Life Community Award recognizes projects or geographical segments within a community, region or municipality that have specific benefits to the public through the development and/or maintenance of green spaces.

The VMPCP is a partnership between the City of London, the community and local businesses. This project is enhancing the natural landscape along 10 kilometres of a key gateway into the Forest City and paying long-lasting tribute to veterans. Scheduled to run until 2017, the goal is to plant 6,400 trees and construct 15 large stone commemorative features.

“This project started in 2010 with Scout Trees planting about 1,000 smaller trees. It evolved in 2011 and formally became a community project” Sandler notes, “I believe in the end we need to encourage everyone in tree planting in the city and it becomes a life-long commitment, just something that you do every year – we’re providing a means.”

Congratulations VMPCP on your Green for Life Community Award and your continued success. VMPCP is a Million Tree Challenge Partner and all the trees they plant count toward the Million Tree Challenge.

“It takes a lot of support from business and community organizations to successfully implement an enhancement project of this nature and scope. We couldn’t do it without the support of our partners: 3M, Trojan Technologies, Starlim, London Chapter of Landscape Ontario, Fanshawe College, General Dynamics,, Talbot Marketing, Scouts Canada, and the City of London, plus all the many other supporters and volunteers.”

Barry Sandler