Volunteer Spotlight – July 2014

Name: Sue Elliott
Volunteer since: 2012
Volunteers as: Tree Planter, Aftercare attendant, Community Liaison, Tree Guru

Autobiography: I started volunteering with ReForest London on Mother’s Day weekend in 2012. I had just moved from Brantford to London the previous year to take a new job. I had sold my house, which had fairly extensive gardens, and moved into a condo, where the gardening was much more limited. I was also looking for volunteer opportunities as a way to meet new people and get to know London. So it seemed like a perfect fit. I could get my gardening fix during the tree plantings, discover new areas of the city as the tree plantings moved from place to place, plus help out an organization with a great initiative! And it’s good exercise too! I love trees and it feels good to know I am helping in this small way to improve the environment in and around London. I hope the Million Tree Challenge reaches and exceeds its goals!

I have two daughters, and they were both with me during that first tree planting back in early 2012. They will usually come with me to other ReForest London events if they are in town. I have participated in more than a dozen tree plantings since then, several after-care events, and helped out in the ReForest London booth at a few local events. I love how a tree planting event can involve everyone from the very young to the not-so-young!

Thanks for your continued support Sue!