Committee Member

Committee members do the behind-the-scenes planning, working and organizing necessary to make our organization a success. There are various Committee Member roles, including Fundraising, Marketing & Outreach, Finance & Audit, Governance & Nominating, and Trees Committee Member.

Responsibilities & Time Commitment

Marketing and Outreach Committee Member

  • Promoting a vision of a well-treed community to London and beyond
  • Developing campaigns to promote activities
  • Supports our website and annual report
  • Creating new ways to engage the community with ReForest London

Time Commitment: 8-10 meetings per year

Finance and Audit Committee Member

  • Professional accounting designation background
  • Ensure that funds are spent according to donor wishes
  • Ensure that financial policies ensure security of funds
  • Improving financial management
  • Make recommendations to the Board about budgeting, asset management, financial management, audits, internal controls, and risk management

Time Commitment: 6-8 meetings per year

Governance and Nominating Committee Member

  • Experience in a board, governance or policy development
  • Responsible for recruiting and engaging board members
  • Evaluating board and Executive Director performance
  • Creating policies
  • Monitoring progress on the boards Strategic Plan

Time Commitment: Meetings on a monthly basis (10 meetings per year)

Trees Committee Member

  • Educates the Board on London’s urban forest surrounding deliberations and strategic planning
  • Develops related policy and guidelines
  • Assesses and reports the Board on the effectiveness of planting programs and aftercare by ReForest London
  • Stewards and reports to the Board on planting progress towards the Million Tree Challenge

Time Commitment: 6-8 meetings per year


ReForest London Orientation training (1 hour)


Previous experience in the area relevant to the committee.


  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Flexible, used to dealing with multiple projects at a time
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Able to operate Microsoft Office Programs
  • Able to work individually and as a team
  • Capable of working with the public

Other Requirements

  • Passionate about the environment and bringing the community together
  • Believes in ReForest London’s vision

To Apply

Please send Rose Pfeifer, our volunteer coordinator, an email outlining your interest and relevant experience. Please attach a resume if comfortable. Also, please complete our volunteer application form indicating “committee member” as an area of interest.