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Tree Resources

Planting trees and shrubs in your yard or place of business is a great way to participate in ReForest London. Below are links to more information about selecting, planting, and caring for your trees and shrubs.

Why Plant a Tree How to Plant a Tree Choosing the Right Species 
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 Trees & the City

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Other Resources

Below you will find other useful and regionally relevant resources.

Grow Me Instead
A guide produced by the Ontario Invasive Plant Council that offers native alternatives to invasive species that are commonly found and planted in gardens of Southern Ontario.  Visit for more great resources and information on invasive species of Ontario.

School/Education Materials 

Links to school curriculum resources and other educational resources. 

Backyard Naturalizations

An article on how to get started on naturalizing your backyard.

Why These Bugs Should "Tick" You Off

An ar"tick"le on how to best avoid and/or care for tick bites.