Tree & Shrub Species

There are various shrub and tree species that homeowners can choose from to plant in their yards. Part of selecting the right species for your home is understanding where you will plant the tree, what the soil type of that area is, what the kinds of drainage patterns there are, and what the light conditions of that area are. When you buy, you should select trees with a well-developed leader and a straight trunk. Branches should be well-spaced and evenly distributed on all sides. Look for plants with good foliage colour, flexible branches, plump buds and has had good growth from the previous year. But, the most important thing to consider when purchasing a tree or shrub is whether it is a native or non-native species.

A good place to begin looking is the tree and shrub brochures listed below. The brochures are guides to choosing the right tree and shrub species for homeowners in London. Please contact us if you require hard copies of the brochures.

In June 2020, we held a webinar called “Choosing the Right Tree” where we talked about different trees that grow in London. To watch the recording, please click here.