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National Tree Day Depots - September 25, 2019

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

Together with the City of London, we celebrated National Tree Day on September 25th the best way we know how: by providing native trees to people across London at four tree depot events in one day! These events were part of our larger initiative to spread the love of trees during National Forests Week, which National Tree Day falls right in the middle of.

People certainly got the message that National Tree Day is a day to celebrate: we found homes for nearly 2000 trees between when we started in the morning until we stopped after dark. The sun and the floodlights took turns lighting up happy faces over the course of ReForest London’s favourite national holiday. We can’t wait to see those 2000 trees expanding London’s urban forest in the years to come, or to celebrate them in the National Forests Weeks that will be part of each September.

Thank you to the City of London’s Tree Me Tree Matching Fund for funding three tree depot events this day, and to Stihl for funding the other. Your support helped us accomplish a lot this National Tree Day, and find many of London’s residents trees for their home. We hope to have you working together with us for many National Forests Weeks and National Tree Days to come!

A father and daughter smile with a new tree Some of the 2000 trees given out in celebration of National Tree Day
A family proudly displays their new tree A young father/daughter duo smile at two young pines