Fox Hollow Ravine

Project type: Park Naturalization
Year: 2020
Season: Fall

On Saturday, September 26, 2020, we were glad to welcome an amazing group of volunteers while catching some of the last of the summer warmth. It was the perfect day to get our hands a little dirty by adding trees and shrubs to the watershed. These plants will enhance water quality and create more wildlife habitat in the area. The ravine is also a popular destination amongst residents in the area, as we saw many smiling faces out walking while we were busy planting. We are hopeful that they can continue to enjoy this beautiful park while watching these trees grow!

With the help of volunteers, we were able to plant 186 trees and shrubs along the edge of the creek and walkways. Additionally, we added 9 large shade trees along the pathway and sidewalk to enhance the future shade and make the space more enjoyable in the hot summer months. 

On October 25th, we returned to the site to apply a deer repellent to all of the trees before winter. This site is adjacent to both a creek and woodlot, making it a habitat for a lot of different wildlife. Applying deer repellant helps protect the trees from being eaten by this wildlife while the trees are still maturing. We were lucky enough to be joined by a Scouts Canada group for the completion of this task. 

A huge thank you to the City of London, Deshkan Ziibi Conservation Impact Bond and Carolinian Canada for funding this project. We are so excited and grateful to work on such wonderful projects with such enthusiastic volunteers. We are now that much closer to our goal of one million trees planted! Thank you again to the 52 volunteers who came out and made this planting such a huge success!