IKEA Planting at Paul Haggis SWM

Project type: Corporate Sponsored Projects

Year: 2017

Season: Spring

ReForest London staff Kaitlin and Brad, along with Tree Canada representative Donald Craig were joined by 8 staff from the IKEA Canada London to plant 36 native trees and 20 native shrubs in and around a pond in south London. 

This planting project was first in a a multi-year planting initiative happening in 3 connecting parcels around the Paul Haggis stormwater pond, including Paul Haggis Park and land privately owned by the Elementary Teacher Federation of Ontario. As these parcels are naturalized and baby forests begin to grow, contiguous forest cover will be created by each planting being connected to the next. This forest corridor will support a large amount of biodiversity in native tree and shrub species, wildflowers and grasses, wildlife and pollinators! 

This project was made possible by the generous support of Tree Canada and their partnership with IKEA. Thank you for letting ReForest London be part of your first tree planting experience and for making such a fundamental difference in the local ecosystem! 

Ikea co-workers are always eager to give back to the community and by working with ReForest London and Tree Canada, a group of us were able to improve a neighbourhood park by planting 56 trees and shrubs of various species in Paul Haggis Park, London, Ontario. Not only did we get to spend time outdoors on a beautiful sunny day but we were also educated in the process of planting trees properly and the benefits these trees and shrubs would have to the area. This was our first experience planting in the city and we look forward to many more years of partnership with Tree Canada.

– Sarahjayne Benedict, Logistics Co-Worker & Sustainability Ambassador