Meadowgate Fields Aftercare

Project type: Aftercare

Year: 2017

Season: Spring

The afternoon started off very windy, but the Libro volunteers stayed nice and warm working hard to care for all of the 2000+ trees planted at Meadowgate Fields! There were lots of laughs and lots of love for the trees that are now looking in great shape to survive another summer!

The volunteers had some great advice for those who are also looking to play a role in protecting our environment:

  • “There’s no excuse for littering, it’s pointless. There’s already far too much garbage, even at this site.”
  • “There’s not enough green space. I think this generation is being raised to understand and care about the issues, but they aren’t the ones who are making the decisions right now.”
  • “We need to be thinking long-term. In 60 years, just think how beautiful this site is going to be.”

Thank you to everyone from Libro who came out and braved the fields of thistles to help us make London a greener place! 

Thank you to the City of London for providing mulch and funding for this project.