peopleCare Donates to Million Tree Challenge

Project type: Million Tree Challenge
Year: 2016
Season: Winter

ReForest London was pleased to attend and represent London’s Million Tree Challenge at a ground breaking ceremony that took place on January 22, 2016 for peopleCare’s first retirement residence, Oakcrossing Retirement Living.

peopleCare operates long term care homes in southwestern Ontario and was excited to open their new retirement residence. Recognized as one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, peopleCare enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry.

To make way for this new retirement residence, a wooded area on Sarnia Road, that was an old Christmas tree farm, needed to be removed. Sensitive to the loss of the trees, peopleCare felt it was important to give back to the community so more trees can be planted in London. They ended up making a very generous donation to the Million Tree Challenge. 

Businesses working on the peopleCare Oakcrossing Retirement Living also recognized the value trees bring and felt it was important to donate for more trees. Each business generously gave money toward the Million Tree Challenge. The businesses that donated are peopleCare, Brownlee Consulting Services, Robert J Dyck – Architect & Engineer Inc., Van-Del Contracting Ltd., Roth Associates Landscape Architecture Inc., MA Bryan Engineering Inc. and Mighton Engineering. Thank you to all who donated to have more trees planted!

Attendees at the event also had the chance to donate to trees by writing their name on a leaf and hanging it on a ceremonial tree. peopleCare was very pleased with the turnout and happy for the opportunity to partner with ReForest London on raising some funds for the Million Tree Challenge. A total of $5,270 was donated!

Thank you peopleCare for caring about our environment and donating to have many new native trees planted in London.

peopleCare is proud to have been part of the London community at our Oakcrossing Long Term Care home for five years. We’re excited to expand this with Oakcrossing Retirement Living and to form partnerships with organizations such as ReForest London where we can make an impact that goes beyond our organization. We look forward to integrating sound tree-planting practices into our landscaping plan, not only for the enjoyment of our own residents but the enjoyment of the larger community.

Brent Gingerich, President of peopleCare