Saunders Secondary School Wins $25,000 for their Environmental Efforts

Project type: Million Tree Challenge
Year: 2015
Season: Spring

London’s very own Saunders Secondary School has been selected by Staples Canada as a winner in their annual Superpower Your School Contest. As a result of the school’s outstanding sustainability initiatives, Saunders will receive a $25,000 to purchase innovative new classroom equipment and learning tools for its environmental programs.

Saunders received the prize as a result of its students’ efforts to protect a park located behind the school. Several departments at the school contributed to the project in unique ways: construction students are currently designing and building a wheelchair-accessible dock for a small wetland while Green Industry students are collaborating with the City of London to develop planting areas for native plants.

Students at Saunders have been long-time supporters of the Million Tree Challenge. For several years, they have grown scores of native tree seedlings in their greenhouses, which are donated to ReForest London to use in giveaways and community events. This year alone, they will be growing 800 trees for Londoners to take home!

Congratulations, Saunders! Thank you for your commitment to making London a greener city!

I’m very proud of what our students have accomplished and continue to do every day. They are becoming environmental advocates who practice what they preach.

Karin Lawrence, Head of Technology at Saunders