Volunteer Spotlight – April 2014

Name: Jason Jordan
Volunteer since: May 2010
Volunteer as: Tree Guru, Community Liaison, Parks Action Team member, Tree Planter and Buckthorn Buster.

Autobiography : I have lived in London most of my life; born in Chatham, Ontario. My winters are spent indoors; reading, doing art and staying warm. It is the summer, when I am outside the most; biking, hiking, cafe patios. I studied Urban Design and Interior Design at Fanshawe College; I try to keep a balance in life while having a broad range of interest. With my involvement with ReForest London, I am studying more about trees and ecology systems. When I started I did not know one maple for other; this year I’ll be spending time in the woods, learning my trees and the other habitats.

Reflection on Volunteering: My involvement with ReForest London started by attending one tree planting, then went to the next one and the following one. I did not intend to be heavily involved, except I found that volunteering with ReForest London had become a passion of mine. I volunteer with many different groups at different levels of involvement. It is not only a way to be giving back to the world; also it is a way to make changes in the world to make it better for all.

Thank you for your continuing support Jason!