Volunteer Spotlight – August 2019

Name: Marvin Squire
Volunteer since: June 2019
Role: Aftercare Assistant

About Marvin: I have lived in London all my life, and have always thought that London has been very fortunate to be considered The Forest City and have the trees to prove it. Have you ever been to places without trees? It feels very strange to me.

Why he volunteers: I heard about London’s Million Tree Challenge last fall, and contacted Alex at Reforest London this spring – what a great call. I volunteered at some tree depots, planted myself some trees, and helped my brother and two neighbors with planting trees. I volunteered for most aftercare events with Victoria and other staff members and volunteers. It was uplifting to see everyone being social without cell phones, being happy, smiling, caring, and learning in a fun environment with the staff sharing their wealth of tree-related knowledge. This has been a great motivator for myself.

Dig, Plant, Water, Love, Protect. It has shown me how relaxing and calming tree planting can be. It has also been a great work-out. There is also the satisfaction of doing aftercare for trees, especially when you find trees in need and help them with Reforest London staff and an outstanding group of volunteers. This season has really been fun for me.

There are some hidden gems – parks in London I never knew existed. Who would think London has beaver habitats? I would not have known that without Reforest London. Thank you Reforest London, Alex, Victoria, Ben, Susan, Kelsey and everyone involved. It has been a pleasure to help and learn.