Volunteer Spotlight – February 2020

Photo taken by David at our Westminster Ponds Centre launch event

Name: David Neads
Volunteer since: February 2019
Role: Photographer

About David: Born in London, I grew up in St. Mary’s and Peterborough, and returned to London to go to Fanshawe College. I worked IT at the Ford plant for 25 years until its demise. I finished my career by commuting to Etobicoke every week for 5 years. I have a wonderful wife, Janet, who just finished her Master’s degree, a son Arthur, who is a certified arborist and a daughter Simone who is completing a Master’s in Prague.

On doing photography for ReForest London: When my daughter started playing OVA volleyball I invested in good camera equipment to photograph her and her team. I started photographing nature as an antidote to my stressful life. Photographing ReForest London events is very rewarding now that I am retired. I enjoy working with staff who are very dedicated and knowledgeable, and volunteers who are enthusiastic. It is a joy to capture their positive energy in my photographs and pleases me that my photos demonstrate to the sponsors that their donations (and hopefully future donations) are making the world a better place. I see it as a win-win-win partnership.