Volunteer Spotlight – July 2022

Name: Mike Bloxam
Volunteer since: 2010
Roles: Board member since 2015 and corporate secretary since 2020; Chair of Trees committee until May 2022, and recently transitioned to the WPC committee

About Mike: I have been volunteering with ReForest London since 2010, when I helped out with two tree plantings.  In 2011 at the launch of the Million Tree Challenge, I joined one of the working groups exploring ways to get trees planted in industrial, commercial, and institutional properties, and continued to help at planting events.  In 2015, I joined the board and the Trees committee, eventually taking on the role of chair of the committee until this past spring when I transitioned to the WPC committee.  I love volunteering with ReForest London and furthering its mission to make London leafier!

My day job at the London Food Bank has also intersected with ReForest London’s mission.  As the Fresh Food Co-ordinator, I am charged with organizing our outdoor gardens and fruit orchard.  In 2017, we planted 20 fruit trees at the back property of the Food Bank, and planted an additional eight trees in 2018.  ReForest London staff lent their incredible knowledge and guidance to help us choose the right species and teach us the best practices for planting⁠—the trees planted will become a food forest in the long term!

I also own and operate a solar installation business, SunTap Technologies, which installs and maintains solar energy systems for domestic hot water, pool heating, and electricity generation. My passion for climate action and sustainability is evident in all of my endeavours because I recognize the extreme importance to address the environmental emergency the human race has put itself in. I want my children to grow up in a world that is both mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Why Mike volunteers with ReForest London: ReForest London is incredibly impactful in our community to improve both ecosystem and human health. Being part of the board has been incredibly meaningful for me, allowing me to help support the organization’s goal to plant (and protect!) trees in the Forest City. Beyond the governance aspect, it has also allowed me to get involved with tree plantings, aftercare activities, and assisting staff with on-site research⁠—specifically looking for infill potential. Two of my favourite activities in the field have been doing aftercare (weeding, mulching, and other maintenance needed for former planning sites) and visiting past planting sites to determine how many new trees we could add to the “baby woodlands.”  I’m also a huge fan of the TreeCycle program, which lets people take desirable seedlings from their own property and donate them for planting at one of RFL’s sites.