Volunteer Spotlight – March 2014

Name: Matthew Robertson
Volunteer Since:  Summer 2012
Volunteered As:  Million Tree Challenge Action Team – Residential, National Tree Day – Tree Giveaway, Tree Planter

Autobiography: Born and raised in London, Matt has for years cherished the many nature retreats the forest city has to offer. His routine dog walks have taken him all over town to explore the trails, parks and trees we so easily take for granted.

As a family member and employee of Sifton Properties, his connection to the city and its development are experienced on both a personal and professional level. Aside from fixing up his century home, Matt enjoys interior camping with friends, road trips to summer concerts and refurbishing lumber of all kinds. He and his wife Jessica have an 18 month old daughter Beatrice, 3 dogs, 2 cats and run a small composting business on the side.

Reflections on Volunteering: Matt’s involvement with ReForest London began with Dean Sheppard, ReForest London’s Executive Director, who invited Matt to attend an Action Team meeting. Volunteering with ReForest London has afforded Matt with a sense of contribution towards the community. Furthermore it provides the opportunity for individuals who care to come together and improve the quality of life here in London. A tree lends so much nourishment to our world, he feels it’s about returning the favour. Matt finds his time spent with ReForest London truly rewarding and sees the intrinsic value in supporting leafy growth throughout our city.

Thanks for your continued support Matt!