Volunteer Spotlight – May 2015

Name: Tingting Zhang
Volunteer since: August 2013
Volunteers as: Community Liaison, Tree Guru, Tree Planter

Autobiography: Hello everyone, I am Tingting Zhang and I am an international student at Kings University College at Western University. I have been in London for 3 years. When it was the first time I came here in 2012, I was surprised how green London is and how clean the environment is. As you may know, my city Nanjing now is experiencing a pollution haze. We have fewer trees due to industrialization and negative externalities. Therefore, I love green trees since I know how important they are! Right now, I am taking Social Justice and Peace Studies courses. I really like learning about ecological justice and environmental sustainability. I love reading and travelling. I also love taking pictures of nature. There are so many beautiful sceneries here and it is always relaxing when you sit under a tree.

Reflections on Volunteering: I love volunteering for ReForest London because I love to be close to nature. I want to do something to raise people’s consciousness about the importance of native trees and the environment. I love to see smilies on people’s faces when they get a tree.