Volunteer Spotlight – October 2019

Name: Eiman Mohammad
Volunteer since: October 2018
Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Specialist and Tree Planter 

About Eiman: Hello everyone, I knew about RFL from the tree depot events, then I started to participate in tree planting event, then I joined the training courses. I used to be an environmental specialist back home, so I was happy to join an agency related to environment. Through the training courses, seedling giveaways and tree depot events, I started learning about native trees here in Canada, which is helpful because I considered it a big challenge to identify the trees.  

Why Eiman Volunteers with ReForest London: What I like most about taking part in ReForest London events is sharing information with others about their chosen tree and hearing about how much they love trees. Moreover, I learned a lot from the events about the diseases that affect the trees and how to take care of them. In addition, while I worked with RFL, I met friendly members and volunteers who are available to provide assistance.