Volunteer Spotlight – September 2015

Name: Sara Hopkins
Volunteering since: October 2013
Roles: Tree Guru, Community Liaison, Aftercare Attendant, TreeCycle(r)

Autobiography: I was fortunate enough to be raised in the country with plenty of forest to explore. Moving to the city was a difficult adjustment, I found myself drawn to places such as; Meadowlily Woods, Westminster Ponds, and the Sifton Bog. I felt like I had hit the jackpot finding such beautiful nature in the middle of the city! I started going to tree plantings here and there however recently I have become more involved with ReForest. I am a graduate of the Horticulture Technician program through Fanshawe and am delighted to use my knowledge to help the organization and more importantly fellow Londoners. Tree sales and tree give aways are a great time for me as I explain different species and help figure out the best tree for the particular situation. ReForest London is doing a great job at getting Forest back into the name “Forest City.”

Reflections on Volunteer: I thoroughly enjoy every time I volunteer as it is a chance to share my passion for not only trees but making London a better place with like minded people.

Every Londoner should come out to a tree planting to feel the joy of giving back to the community with a long-lasting gift of beautiful trees.