Volunteer Spotlight – September 2020

Name: Shaun Udovic

Volunteer since: May 2016

Roles: Tree Specialist at Tree Plantings, Aftercare events and Tree Depots 

About Shaun: I spend most of my time outdoors. In the summer I do a lot of gardening, growing both flowers and vegetables. I have been told that I have a green thumb. I like to go for long bike rides around the city, and love how beautiful all the parks in London are. It’s so easy to feel like I am out of the city when I bike through the parks because of all the plants and trees.

Why he volunteers with ReForest London: I found out about ReForest London by reading a poster at the library. It caught my attention because I like being outdoors. I also was looking for something to be involved in that made a positive difference in the community. What keeps me volunteering with ReForest London are the learning opportunities. I learned how to plant trees, but also about the different local tree species.

There are also events that ReForest London hosts that give me new perspectives, such as learning about the many different cultural connections to trees. Because of my volunteering with ReForest London, I have explored many areas of London I wouldn’t have ever known about. I discovered all these hidden parks. And now when I go for bike rides around the city, I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I see the trees I planted and cared for. I can see the positive difference it’s made in the community, and see the trees grow bigger each year. Like the trees I too have grown each year with ReForest London, and am learning more each season.