Tree of the Month: Silver Maple

Scientific name: Acer saccharinum

Silver maple is the first tree that you will see blossoming as the weather warms up. Though the flower blossoms are probably not what you would expect when you hear the word “flower”, upon a closer look, they are immensely beautiful in their own right. Not to mention that they are a harbinger of Spring, which is in itself a cause for joy.

Silver maple is a fast-growing deciduous tree; native to eastern North America and a very common tree. While the species is not as spectacular as other maples in the fall, it does dress in pale orange and yellow colour for the season.

The leaves of the species are a fine clue for differentiation between silver maple and sugar maple species. The leaves of silver maple are very deeply lobed, and flash silver/white undersides in the slightest breeze. It has been said that a summer breeze in silver maple leaves creates a wonderful windsong. 

These gentle giants grace many of the trees in the older neighbourhoods in London.

Want to plant one?

Silver maple needs lots of moisture and sun. In nature the species is often found next to stream banks and riverbeds.