Tree Guards & Tree Protection

New trees need our protection, as they are susceptible to damage caused by animals, weather and equipment. Using home machinery like weed trimmers and lawnmowers without proper care is one of the most common causes of tree trunk damage, especially to privately owned trees. By taking precaution and using effective Tree Guards, we can help protect our trees from damage.

Tree Protection

Tips to prevent tree damage:

  • You should keep home machinery at least one metre away from the base of the tree (a circle of mulch is a good way to remind yourself to do this).
  • Don’t allow children to play on the branches until they are well-established and able to withstand weight.
  • Do not trim a tree without researching proper tree trimming methods, and never cut the leader (also called “topping” or “pollarding”) off the top of the tree.
  • You can also use a plastic tree collar to protect the tree from weed whackers and rodents. Just be sure to remove it when the tree is larger, so it doesn’t damage the bark.

Tree Guard Types

There are many types of tree guards that offer various kinds of protection. In order to effectively protect your trees, you must look at the situation you are in and the type of damage your trees are susceptible to. In general, tree guards should be light-coloured to reflect the sun, around 25 centimetres tall (5 cm into the ground, 5 cm above) and wide enough to give your tree space to grow.



  • plastic forms that protect against most common kinds of damage
  • ventilation holes that allow tree to breathe
  • expand as the tree gets larger
  • fit around tree trunks 10 cm in diameter
  • 23 cm high


  • blue, plastic-mesh sheets that are secured to the ground with pins
  • good for animals and equipment
  • don’t need to remove – they will breakdown in sunlight
  • 60-100 cm high
  • mesh densities of 14-24 strands

Hardware Cloth

  • the wire goes around the tree but not touching it
  • should extend 5 cm into the ground
  • good for animals and equipment
  • check every year to make sure the tree trunk has room

Field Tiles

  • these are typically used in drainage, but they are a useful material for tree protection from weather, equipment and animals
  • cut material so it loosely wraps around tree and is around 35 cm high
  • should extend 5 cm into the ground

Plastic Pop Bottles

  • two-litre pop bottles (stacked) provide protection from animals, weather and equipment
  • should be around 30 cm high
  • cut top and bottom to create cylinders

Fields and Parks

Spiral Guards

  • plastic strips that are wrapped around the tree provide protection from weather and animals
  • ventilation holes allow for breathability and moisture reduction
  • flexible and expand as the tree grows
  • available in various lengths (30 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm)

Paper Wrap

  • placed around tree and held in place with a rope
  • protect against weather
  • need to adjust rope every year


  • placed around tree and held in place with a rope
  • protect against weather
  • need to adjust rope every year