Tag: Tree Planting

Species at Risk

A number of tree and shrub species are listed under the Endangered Species Act in Ontario. This act seeks “to protect species that are at risk and their habitats, and to promote the recovery of species at risk.”

Non-Native Species

Trees that are not native can pose significant threats to local biodiversity and to the natural ecosystem. Non-native trees tend to reproduce and grow quickly.

How to Plant a Tree

Proper planning and planting techniques are some of the most critical ways we can contribute to a tree’s survival.

Park Naturalizations

Each spring and fall, Londoners from all ages and backgrounds come together to plant trees in parks and woodland areas with the help of staff and volunteer leaders.

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Trees for Businesses

Trees are great for businesses, and businesses are great for trees! ReForest London offers many ways for businesses and organizations to help green up the Forest City.

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