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Volunteer Spotlight - February 2020

David Neads

(Photo taken by David at our Westminster Ponds Centre launch event)

Name: David Neads

Volunteer since: February 2019

Role: Photographer


About David:

Born in London, I grew up in St. Mary's and Peterborough, and returned to London to go to Fanshawe College. I worked IT at the Ford plant for 25 years until its demise. I finished my career by commuting to Etobicoke every week for 5 years. I have a wonderful wife, Janet, who just finished her Master's degree, a son Arthur, who is a certified arborist and a daughter Simone who is completing a Master's in Prague.

On doing photography for ReForest London:

When my daughter started playing OVA volleyball I invested in good camera equipment to photograph her and her team. I started photographing nature as an antidote to my stressful life. Photographing ReForest London events is very rewarding now that I am retired. I enjoy working with staff who are very dedicated and knowledgeable, and volunteers who are enthusiastic. It is a joy to capture their positive energy in my photographs and pleases me that my photos demonstrate to the sponsors that their donations (and hopefully future donations) are making the world a better place. I see it as a win-win-win partnership.


Thank you David! Want to find out how to get involved with ReForest London? Passionate about trees in your neighbourhood? Visit the Volunteer section of our website to learn more about our opportunities and to fill out a volunteer application form.