A Successful Mother’s Day Planting!

The planting powers of Londoners were on full display as volunteers worked tirelessly to get trees in the ground at Hyde Park Stormwater pond on Sunday, May 8, 2022. The weather was warm with some sunshine and a bit of wind, and volunteers smiled as they worked hard to get trees in the ground.

With the help of 34 volunteers, we were successful in getting 101 trees and shrubs into the ground. We were excited to have a range of volunteers on site including; several Community Liaisons and Tree Specialists, and photographer David Neads on the scene to capture the day.

Planting is a great way for the family to come together. Above we see two children planting some trees and being excited to contribute to the overall success of this event.

We are so grateful for the support we received, and the time given on Mother’s Day. We saw families come together to spend their day planting and contributing to the diversity and livelihood of Hyde Park. Some of the trees and shrubs planted included; Silver maple, Tulip tree, White pine, Chokecherry, Nannyberry, and Swamp rose. Our volunteers are crucial to the continued planting success around the community.

“I love being a part of ReForest London planting events. I have great memories of planting on Mother’s Day with my kids, and I think it has translated into them loving trees just as much! I also love returning to the places I’ve planted or done aftercare at to see how things are going. The Hyde Park pond planting was another memory to add to the long list!”

⁠— Julie B., planting volunteer with RFL
Many groups came out in support of this planting event. We saw a range of ages, like this student group who came out together to participate.

Hyde Park is in the Northwest end of London, with a beautiful pond you can walk across. With a short trail across the pond, benches, and newly planted trees it is a calming area to explore. ReForest London has undertaken an initiative to plant at more stormwater management ponds over the next several years as one of the ways our community can combat climate change. Stormwater management ponds are artificially created to capture and retain rainwater and snowmelt in urban areas that runs off from roofs, roads, sidewalks, and parking lots that otherwise would have nowhere to go but down storm drains. Planting trees around stormwater management ponds has many benefits aside from adding to the greenery of the neighbourhoods: they absorb some of the water, help buffer and filter pollutants entering the pond, prevent erosion off the slopes, and of course, habitat for birds, insects, and small mammals.

This event was funded by the City of London, TD Friends of the Environment Fund (TD-FEF), and Ontario Community Environment Fund (OCEF). We are so appreciative of all our sponsors and partnerships that allow us to continue making London greener. Overall, this event was a wonderful way for our community to come together to celebrate trees and Mother’s day Thank you to all who joined us in planting the future today!

Enthusiasm can be felt through the screen as volunteers work hard planting the trees and shrubs.