Volunteer Spotlight – May 2022

Name: Don Austin
Volunteer Since: 2021
Volunteer Roles: Tree Planter and Planting Leader

A little bit about Don:
“I grew up in Southern Ontario, and it seems that a lot of my memories are associated with trees: climbing them, resting under them on blistering hot days, making things from their branches, bark and leaves. During my years working in land surveying, I took the opportunity to learn more about the various species and came to appreciate their variety and beauty. Later, when I switched to IT work with TD, I was fortunate in that they encouraged their employees to participate in TD Tree Days and that is how I came to know RFL.”

We asked Don a few questions about his time with RFL.

RFL: Why do you volunteer with ReForest London?
DON: After retiring, I was looking for volunteer opportunities, and RFL fits my interests and time commitment perfectly. I feel great after planting!

RFL: What is one fond memory from volunteering at ReForest?
DON: Planting germinated acorns and Dogwood seeds at Dingman Creek, which was completely new to me and a fantastic idea.

RFL: What excites you most about working with trees or in the environmental sector?
DON: Well trees are simply awesome, and helping to ensure their well being and spread is very satisfying.

RFL: Which part of the volunteer experience do you enjoy the most and why?
DON: I love the camaraderie and vitality of all the staff and volunteers. Everyone seems so happy when they are working with trees.

Thank you, Don, for all your help and contributions to ReForest London and to the environment! You have been a great help at every event this spring.