Volunteer Spotlight – June 2022

Group Name: Filipino-Canadian Association of Niagara (FCAN)

This month we wanted to give a shout-out to a volunteer group! FCAN and RFL teamed up to naturalize the Byron Hills Stormwater Management Pond, planting a total of 176 trees and shrubs. Engaging a community from outside of London to help achieve our collective goals was truly a rewarding experience.

About FCAN: FCAN is a cultural and social organization for the Filipino community in the Niagara Region and was founded in 1968 by early Filipino immigrants. Members participate in various cultural, artistic, and communal events.

Part of FCAN’s programming includes facilitating the “Seniors Step-up to the challenge” project, which aims for seniors to continue to avail the benefits of being healthy both physically and mentally by engaging in activities that promote active living and community involvement.

Here are a few thoughts shared by FCAN members following the event:

“This was my first time volunteering in a tree planting activity. It was a challenge, but after the first tree was planted, it felt good and I got the hang of it. Between my friends and myself, we planted 8 trees. It felt good knowing that I was part of this activity in my small way.” – FCAN member

“[The RFL Staff and core volunteers] made our tree planting day worthwhile, enjoyable, and an unforgettable learning experience.  Four days had already passed and our participants (mostly seniors 65+) are still talking about it. Truly they felt a big sense of accomplishment.

Again thank you very much Reforest London, and to your very knowledgeable staff and volunteers for allowing us (FCAN) the opportunity to meet our goals.  But most importantly to be able to proudly say we became part of ReForest London planting the future today.” – Carlos, FCAN president.

Thank you FCAN for creating such an enjoyable and fun atmosphere, it was truly a great planting experience we won’t forget!