Celebrating a Birthday with ReForest London

On Saturday June 11th, Toby Sass chose to spend his birthday weekend out with ReForest
London exploring the forests of Westminster Ponds.

Toby’s interest in trees started with his neighbourhood friends while exploring the forests near
his home. To celebrate his birthday, Toby wanted to dive further into his passions and learn more
about the world of trees on a hike around the Westminster Ponds Environmentally Significant Area. Toby and his uncle, Michel Ross, joined Sara Patterson, ReForest London’s Environmental Programs Coordinator, around Saunders pond. This trail best showcases the many different habitat types found in the Carolinian forest such as upland maple sites, lowland patches filled with ferns and skunk cabbage, dry conifer and shrub lands, and rare kettle ponds and bogs.

Sara reflected on their time together, “It was such a fun and unique experience to have Toby and Michel out around the ponds. They were both filled with curiosity and eagerness to learn.”

Toby’s favourite tree is a river birch, a similar species to the white and yellow birch trees found
around the ponds. While exploring they learned different tips and tricks for quick species identification, how to use a key for those harder to discern species, growth patterns and community compositions, invasive species and more. “It was a great time, we learned tons. Thanks again for setting it up for us. A unique experience for me, I haven’t learned that much in a long time,” said Michel.

ReForest London was honoured to have Toby spend his special weekend with us.
Happy Birthday Toby!