Tree Gifts in Memory of Clients

Project type: Million Tree Challenge

Year: 2017

What could be a better business gift than one that grows and gives back to the community?

“I was searching for a more meaningful gift for my patients and their families,” said Dr. Carlo Pavan of Whitehills Dental Centre. “and I’m glad there was such a worthwhile opportunity in lieu of the traditional but short lived gifts of flowers, etc. that I was giving to the families.” For the past two years, Dr. Pavan has been purchasing gifts of trees planted in the Celebration Forest in memory of his clients.

The ReForest London Tree Gift program offers a unique gift for businesses to have a tree planted in honour or in memory of someone. The trees are then planted at the Celebration Forest during our annual Celebration Forest tree ceremony. Many organizations find they need gifts for a variety of reasons. Whether honouring a staff member or a client, providing a thank you gift, or acknowledging a milestone, giving the gift of a tree is always well-received.

When asked what kinds of reactions he gets from his tree gift recipients, Dr. Pavan said, “More often than not, the reactions are more personal, be it a long hand written note card or a purposeful phone call and a commitment to attend the planting ceremony. I will also get photos of families participating in the event or a second note saying that they have attended and again are appreciative of the gift. I am so glad for the family that this gift gives them more.”

Dr. Carlo Pavan has been a longtime tree planter:

I have planted trees independently for a significant part of my life, with the support of my family. I want to improve on our environmental footprint. Often I have taken small seedlings that I know won’t survive under “wolf trees” and have planted them in more favourable locations. I’ve also planted trees on my own property in lieu of grass, and my largest endeavour, in the late 1990s, was to retire some marginal land that was difficult to cultivate, dedicating it to trees of many different species. I continue to quietly plant significant numbers to this date. The goal is to plant 20,000 trees. We have a little ways to go, but this is achievable.

Thank you Dr. Carlo Pavan and Whitehills Dental Centre for giving Tree Gifts in memory of your clients. They are a wonderful way to acknowledge a life lived and they help create a greener London for everyone.

If you think this type of gift would suit your business or organization, please visit our Celebration Forest page