Tree Giveaways This Spring: Over 1,000 New Trees Found Homes!

We’re proud to share that 1,340 trees found their way to new homes this spring through our Tree Giveaway program! Way to go Londoners for your enthusiastic participation and your drive to make London a cleaner, greener city!

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to continue giving away trees to Londoners this year,” said Maddy Sansom, ReForest London’s Community Projects Manager. “It is inspiring to see the people of London continue to show interest in this program year after year, taking action together to enhance our local environment through the benefits of trees.”

This year, trees could be ordered online through the Million Tree Challenge website and were picked up at the Westminster Ponds Centre for Environment & Sustainability (WPC)—located behind Parkwood Hospital in London. ReForest London also hosted a few giveaways throughout the city in partnership with various businesses and community groups.

In the Fall, more tree giveaways will be coming to the Westminster Ponds Centre and various locations throughout the city—stay tuned for more details!

“We are so grateful for the support our giveaways have received from the City of London’s TreeMe program,” said Sansom. “This support is what makes our giveaways possible, and it really showcases the City’s commitment to getting more trees planted and putting the ‘forest’ back in Forest City.”

To date, we have given away over 25,000 native, fruit, and nut trees to Londoners! Tree Giveaways are an easy way for people to take action and fight climate change right in their own backyard. If you’d like to be in-the-know about when our giveaways start up again in the fall, please sign up for the ReForest London newsletter, which can be found in the footer area of our website.

Tree planting is a fun activity for the whole family to do together, and getting to watch a tree grow over the years can be fulfilling for people of all ages. We can’t wait for even more Londoners to join in the fun. Happy planting!