Volunteer Spotlight – April 2020

Name: Colleen Clark
Volunteer since: July 2018
Roles: Community Liaison and Celebration Forest Committee Member

About Colleen: Hello fellow tree-lovers! My name is Colleen and I joined Reforest London in July 2018 as a Community Liaison volunteer.  It all started when I went to a tree depot to pick up a couple trees for planting and thought out loud, “Hm, I would like one of those t-shirts” that all the volunteers were wearing and a volunteer quickly responded with “Then volunteer with us and get it for free!”

I believe this was fate because I had been seriously thinking of how to give back to my community and volunteer my time.  This, and the fact that I had recently walked through a neighborhood, the “magic woods” as I call it, and was totally awed by the beautiful trees surrounding me, right smack in the middle of the city!  It reminded me of how my mother always called London by its beloved nickname,  “the Forest City.”  I am proud to promote such a wonderful non-profit organization and hope Londoners continue to appreciate the ecological value and health benefits that trees provide us with.