Volunteer Spotlight – May 2020

Name: Livia Antony
Volunteer since: September 2019
Roles: Community Liaison & Tree Specialist

About Livia: Hi everyone! My name is Livia and I am from India. I’m a graduate student at Western University doing my Master’s in Environment and Sustainability. I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Geology from India and this graduate course was the perfect way for me to combine my love for the sciences, nature and conservation. I have always been passionate about nature and wildlife and want to dedicate my life to be of service to the people and the planet by working to help protect and conserve it. As for my other interests, I enjoy travelling, reading, watching nature documentaries and photography. 

Why she volunteers with ReForest London: I was introduced to ReForest London through my professor at University and knew that I wanted to volunteer here because of the amazing people, our shared love for trees and the joy of giving back to our community. What I love about the organization is that it makes conservation accessible to the masses, no matter your age and stands for what it says “Education, Empowerment and Ecosystem Health” through the benefit of trees.

I’ve been volunteering with ReForest London since September 2019, and I have to say, it has been fun, educational and very rewarding. The team offers you training, help and assistance in filling into new volunteering roles, making it easier for new volunteers to feel welcomed and a part of the community. With every project or event that is underway, lies the basis of the question, how can we contribute to improving the overall health of the environment? how can we better serve the community? We need organizations like ReForest London to help protect the environment, raise awareness about conservation and help restore our planet, and as a volunteer, you get to be part of that community, serve the people and the planet, and help build a better future.