Volunteer Spotlight – April 2023

Name: Dillon O’Henly
Volunteer Since: 2022
Roles: Board Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

I was born in London, and have lived here my entire life aside from a few years in Waterloo to attend Wilfrid Laurier University.  I’ve always loved the outdoors, and the extensive offerings that London has  is a huge reason why I have decided to set down my roots in here.  In my professional life, I am an accountant, and a Partner at MacNeill Edmundson Professional Corporation, an accounting firm here in London. 

I think my story of how I got involved in ReForest London is very telling. I had recently moved into a home in a newer area of London, and was driving home one day surveying how empty and lifeless the neighbourhood felt without any trees or landscaping.  As I was pulling into my driveway, I got a notification about a posting for my position and couldn’t apply quickly enough.

The thing I have enjoyed most in my time with ReForest London is the opportunity to collaborate with so many others on something we are all passionate about.  The environmental sector is so dynamic in its evolution right now, and hearing the ideas from different experts in their respective fields is a really interesting way to learn about it.

It is no secret that environmental sustainability is already becoming the next great challenge of our world.  I see my role with ReForest London as me doing my little part, and having the chance to work alongside other really interesting people in doing so is a wonderful perk.

Thank you, Dillon!