Volunteer Spotlight – August 2021

Name: Ned Blacklock
Volunteer since: 2018
Roles: Tree Planter and Tree Specialist

About Ned: I first learned about ReForest London when we moved back into the city a few years ago when I retired. It was my wife who told me that ReForest London was giving out trees to London residents! I couldn’t believe it as I know what trees are worth from a nursery. We have planted trees in all the homes we have lived in over the years. I started teaching Environmental Science until it was removed when the Ministry revamped their programs.

At any rate my wife and I love trees and will often comment to each other when we see beautiful tree specimens we pass along the road. I think the Million Tree Challenge is a terrific idea to get people aware of the need to keep London the “Forest City” in the face of infestations like the Emerald Ash Borer and LDD Moth.  We need trees to help prevent soil erosion, increase water infiltration, cool the summer heat and shade us from the sun’s increasingly powerful UV rays. 

Why Ned volunteers with ReForest London: Helping London’s citizens to get trees in the ground with some knowledge on what species are appropriate for the conditions at their homes is a super rewarding task for me. And a big bonus is to continue to learn about trees with ReForest London. Lifelong learning is important and I have gained knowledge from the people I have met and worked with in the organization. With the beautification of London with native tree species in public spaces and the opportunity for home owners no matter what their economic background to plant trees-it is a no brainer for me to get involved.