Volunteer Spotlight – December 2020

Name: Adele Campbell
Volunteer since: March 2018
Roles: Community Liaison, Tree Specialist, Office Assistant

About Adele: To say I am a tree hugger is an understatement. I am extremely passionate about nature, trees, and wildlife. Any spare time I have is spent outdoors enjoying the numerous activities that connect us with nature, such as gardening, tree bathing, birding, seed collecting, as well as hiking, canoeing, camping, fishing, and biking. It’s not a coincidence that my love for nature has flowed into every aspect of my life.

Why she volunteers with ReForest London: I have constantly wanted to be a part of a community organization that causes impactful changes and contributes to planting the future.  Volunteering with RFL is a natural fit! After my first tree planting event with RFL in 2018, I was excited to get involved as much as I could. Over the last two years, I have learned to be a Tree Planter, Aftercare Assistant, Tree Specialist, Community Liaison, and now Office Assistant! I am incredibly appreciative of the skills, knowledge, and opportunities I  have been provided through RFL. I have recently started Certified Seed Collector training through their Signal Boost Initiative, and soon Hike Leader. I would not have had the ability to become connected with like-minded people in my community, learn about and support our ecosystem, and plant and cultivate the trees that give our city life.