Volunteer Spotlight – January 2021

Name: Carrie Freele    
Volunteer since: July 2020
Roles: Social media, Photography, Gardening

About Carrie: Nature has always been a source of comfort for me and being surrounded by trees makes me feel at home. I use nature as a means of wellness and enjoy getting outdoors on a daily basis. I want to do my part in ensuring that future generations can live in an environmentally sustainable world and will continue to educate myself on how to make that obtainable. Over the past year I have participated in several volunteer opportunities and am grateful to have witnessed the many ways we can make a positive impact by working together.  In the next year I hope to continue growing while meeting more like-minded people and finding additional ways to contribute to our community.

Why she volunteers with ReForest London: ReForest London is my neighbour across the ponds! They are the parent organization of the Westminster Ponds Centre which will one day be a vibrant environmental community hub based in my neighbourhood. I stand behind their vision for the space and look forward to watching it grow into a thriving center that promotes positive environmental impact, sustainability, nature-based wellness and inclusivity. To say that I am excited for this would be an understatement and that is why I strive to be involved with RFL in any way that I can. Along with my excitement for the WPC, I have enjoyed the opportunities that RFL has given me which have included gardening, photography, tree aftercare and assisting with a few of the WPC social media posts.