Volunteer Spotlight – February 2021

Nick Hart (left) and Tyler Hart (right)

Names: Nick & Tyler Hart  
Volunteers since: July 2020
Roles: Tree Planters and Tree Aftercare Assistants

About Nick: My name is Nick. I’m 20 years old and currently living in London studying Psychology at Western University. I enjoy being in nature and contributing to make the environment happier and healthier. I’m very passionate about the environment and how crucial its role is in supporting mental health. I believe conne-cting back to nature is a key source of happiness and overall well-being. I’ve always taken an environmental stance in life and look to develop a career in the environmental field. I believe the planet should be taken better care of by many of the world’s leaders, as well as them promoting better ecological techniques to further improve our world.

Why do I Volunteer with ReForest London? Nick: When I first found ReForest London, I was at White Oaks Mall and came across this beautiful mural explaining what they did and what their mission was. I was impressed and became inspired to take action and contribute to my community. I signed up for the Aftercare program and loved the feeling of gratification that it had left me with. I loved being in nature and making the world and the city of London a healthier place. I continued volunteering throughout the summer and fall because I take a strong stance when it comes to improving our environment. Nature has been proven to be mood boosting and energizing to people. In twenty years I want to see the trees that I planted flourishing in London. Knowing that I was a part of ReForest London, an organization that is this progressive, motivates me to keep making a bigger impact for the environment in the coming years.

About Tyler: Hi, my name is Tyler, I’m 22 years old and currently enrolled in university at Wilfrid Laurier, I’m also a recent graduate from Lambton College. I’m actively pursuing a career in firefighting and giving back to my community is something that I really enjoy doing. Aside from that, I enjoy spending time outdoors doing activities such as biking, kayaking, camping, walking/hiking through trails, and snowboarding in the winter. I’m also an environmentalist and I’m really passionate about trying to preserve our environment by looking after our parks and trails through garbage clean up and planting new trees and vegetation.

Why do I Volunteer with ReForest London? Tyler: I volunteer with ReForest London because I wanted to get involved with an organization that strives towards making impactful changes in our local environment. My first volunteering event was in mid-July of 2020 I was tasked with doing some aftercare on some trees planted previously at Thames Park. I had such a great time at my first event I immediately signed up for as many more events as I could all the way until the end of the season in November. Overall, I loved the experience of going out into various different parks across London enjoying the sunny days and planting trees and I’m looking forward to volunteering again this spring and summer!