Volunteer Spotlight – March 2021

Tania Clark and her two daughters

Name: Tania Clark  
Volunteer since: March 2019
Role: Office Assistant

About Tania: I’m a native Londoner and graduate of Western University. I moved away from London for over a decade to live in Ottawa, Japan, Toronto, and Vancouver. When I came back to London I married my first love and had a family. After taking several years off to raise my children, I’ve recently started working for the Thames Valley District School Board.

I try to be a friend of and advocate for the environment in every way that I can. To that end I’ve volunteered for the Green Team at Stoney Creek Public School, for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Butterfly Project, and participated in several Stoney Creek spring cleanup days, in addition to volunteering for ReForest London.

I live in a northeast London suburb where I’m slowly replacing the grass in my yard with native trees, bushes, wildflowers, and a food garden. I’m surprised and delighted by my neighbours’ reactions as they see my gardens evolve each season. Someday I hope to live in a passive house near a natural forest, with a chicken coop and mini donkeys, growing most of my family’s food, but for now I’ll keep dreaming!

Why Tania Volunteers with ReForest London: I volunteer at ReForest London because I admire their commitment to reforesting our city, to educating residents about the benefits of trees, and to bringing Nature into the curriculum in our schools and onto the school yards. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to support them as a volunteer. I just wish I could use some Minecraft bonemeal to instantly grow up the trees they plant!