Volunteer Spotlight – February 2023

Name: Kjartan Hermansen
Volunteer Since: 2022
Roles: Planting Leader, Tree Planter

About Kjartan:
“I’m a recent volunteer with ReForest London – but I’ve been trying to get out to events as often as I can. My work allows me to do some events throughout the week as well (essentially – I’m always working, so taking a break on a Wednesday afternoon to plant trees is just good for the mind). I moved over to Canada (and London) from Norway about 15 years ago now – and nature was always a big part of my life growing up.

The main thing I miss around here is mountains (considering Norway is one big mountain) – but forests help too. In my adult years back in Europe, I lived exclusively in inner-city apartments. I didn’t know anything about gardening … and suddenly I had this huge backyard and lots of lawn to take care of. I taught myself everything I needed to know – planted as many trees as my property could hold – and when I felt the itch to volunteer, it made sense to do something I love.

In my work life, I run a software company downtown London; mostly automotive-related cloud solutions; I guess it’s only fitting that I try to offset some carbon footprints. I try to add a lot of living plants at the office building as well – but it’s not easy to get programmers to come outside in the sun to plant trees. Personally – I feel it’s important to do something completely different than staring at computer screens now and then.

I really enjoy the people who work at ReForest London – they’re a great bunch who are really passionate about what they’re doing. Both throughout the different training sessions – and at individual events, they’re happy, kind and knowledgeable individuals who are fun to be around. I try to bring my daughter (12) out to events as well – it’s great to see so many kids at a lot of the events; being passionate about trees and nature.”

Thank you, Kjartan!