Volunteer Spotlight – September 2016

Name: Alex Huynh Do
Volunteer since: 2015
Roles: Tree Blitzer, Tree Planter

Autobiography: I was born and raised in London and have lived here ever since. That being said, I am an avid traveller and love experiencing different cultures and discovering new things. Some places I’ve been to include France, Iceland, Sweden, China, and Vietnam. In the future, I hope to visit more places like Nepal, Spain, and Uruguay. 

I have a degree in chemical engineering, I have studied piano for 17 years, and I love making handmade cards! I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community, such as volunteering with Reforest London and playing piano at various retirement homes in London.

Reflections on Volunteering: Volunteering is a great way to stay involved with and give back to the community. It’s also a great way to meet new people and, especially with Reforest London, share a love of trees and the environment!