Westminster Ponds Centre

We are facing a multitude of environmental issues on local, regional, and global levels. Our daily lives and environment are already being impacted by the choices of past and current generations. As a gateway to environmental learning and innovation, the Westminster Ponds Centre (WPC) will be an invaluable new resource and primary driver of our community sustainability journey.

Powered by ReForest London, the WPC will be a hub promoting health, wellbeing, sustainability, and environmental excellence across our community by co-creating resources, services, and impactful programming.

Key Initiatives

The WPC seeks to directly support and amplify existing successful sustainability initiatives and to catalyze new collaborative services and supports to achieve greater levels of impact.

Direct Programming

WPC’s direct programming includes and involves:

  1. Hands-on workshops and activities
  2. Climate change actions at the local and regional level
  3. Sustainability and development for individuals and groups
  4. Nature-based programming for children, mental health, and wellbeing


Please visit Westminster Ponds Centre for more information on events, plans and how to get involved, or contact Shaquille Sealy, Acting Co-Executive Director, at [email protected] or 519-936-9548 X 222.