Boulevard Tree Protection By-law

Bylaw Number: 03-2021

Date of Adoption: 01/25/2021


The Boulevard Tree Protection by-law’s purpose is the prohibition or regulation of the destruction or injuring of trees on boulevards in London.

Boulevard means that portion of every city road allowance within the geographic area of the City of London which is not used as a sidewalk, driveway, travelled roadway of shoulder, and specifically excludes unassumed lanes. To see if the tree you are looking at is on city property or not, check the Tree Inventory Map here. Note: only City trees are listed.

Residents can also request to have a boulevard tree planted and see the possible species on an approved list from London’s Tree Protection Guidelines. We recommended requesting one of our many native species.


To request a boulevard tree, or if you have any questions about the by-law, contact the City of London’s Forestry Office at 519-661-CITY (2489) ext. 5783.