Non-Native Species

Trees are an important part of our environment’s health. They filter water, reduce erosion, produce oxygen, serve has habitats and provide many other ecological and environmental benefits; however, it is important to understand that there are trees that can also be harmful to and disrupt local ecosystems.

Non-Native Trees

Trees that are not native can pose significant threats to local biodiversity and to the natural ecosystem. Non-native trees tend to reproduce and grow quickly. This will lead to them outcompeting native tree species. Some non-native trees may be okay for landscaping or for personal uses, but they should not be used for naturalization projects within the city. It’s important to understand the difference between non-native trees that are okay to use and non-native trees that are invasive. Non-native trees may actually be native to Ontario, but this does not mean they are native to London or are suitable for London’s natural ecosystems.

Common non-native trees (that are ok) in London


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